The 555 Clubs is established as an avenue to promote career advancement and entrepreneurial growth through knowledge sharing, networking, and credible collaboration among members. There are two 555 Clubs namely:

The HR Club for entrepreneurs, managers, and HR practitioners; and The Career Club for secondary school students, undergraduates, graduates, and employees.


To become the preferred career and professional club where people can connect, learn, and grow.


To achieve career and entrepreneurial growth of members through learning, networking, and collaboration.

Core Values: R.E.A.C.H.

Respect: We respect each other regardless of class.
Equality: We provide equal opportunity and right to all members.
Adaptability: We are flexible enough to adapt to positive changes in trends and best practices.
Credibility: We are a people of worth as we strive to remain true to our mission.
Honesty: Integrity is our watchword as we hold fast to our standard, morals, and principles.

The HR Club

The HR Club is open to Entrepreneurs, People Managers, and HR practitioners from divers fields. It is an avenue to learn from like-minded individuals, connect with them for possible collaboration, and ultimately grow their people management skills.

The Career Club

The Career Club is open to:

Primary and Secondary School Students as an avenue to identify career traits in line with their interests, innate skills/abilities, values, and personality type;

Graduates and Undergraduates as an avenue to guide them through their career choice especially in developing their employability skills in preparation for the labour market; and

Employees in order to ensure they not only secure jobs in line with their chosen career, but also improve on their skills in becoming high performing, productive, and indispensable staff.

  • Learning and Development
  • Participation in HR Exchange Program
  • Group Activities and Presentations
  • Resource Review (Books, Audio Book, Video, etc)
  • Networking Events
  • Learning outings and visitations
  • Internship opportunities (for The Career Club members)
  • Coaching and Mentoring (for The Career Club members)
  • Thrift and cooperative contributions (optional)
  • Avenue to meet, interact, share ideas, and network with other members
  • Opportunity to strengthen professional ties and build strategic alliance/collaboration with credible individuals and organizations
  • Discount on products and services of fellow club members
  • A platform for developing career and entrepreneurial skills
  • Subsidized fees on courses at the School of Human Resource Management
  • Subsidized professional fees for any 555 Consulting HR services
  • Access to our online resources
  • Opportunity to get more businesses through referrals
  • Mentoring and internship opportunity for student members
  • A platform for publicity and brand recognition
  • Opportunity to save and borrow from the Club’s cooperative purse (The HR Club only)