About SHRM

The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is set up as an immediate response to the quest for a specialized institution of learning where Human Resource Management skills can be acquired, and current HR best practices is learnt.


Equipping effective human resource practitioners.


To promote HR best practices through learning in a friendly, conducive, and professional environment.

Core Values: C.L.E.E.D.

We are a COMMUNITY of HR practitioners where HR skills are acquired and developed through practical LEARNING. We are passionate about ensuring organizational goals are achieved therefore provoking in us a deep sense of EFFECTIVENESS and EXCELLENCE in an environment where DIVERSITY of perspectives, experiences, and culture is appreciated.


Our faculty is comprised of seasoned HR professionals – HR Consultants, HR Directors, Head of HRD, and other HR practitioners with proven years of cognate experience in Human Resource Management.


We offer courses in the following four areas:

  • Human Resource Management (HRM) Program (full and modular)
  • Employability Skills Development (ESD) Program
  • Career and Talent Management (CTM) Program
  • Entrepreneurial Management Program (EMP)